Is my dog physically fit for daycare or hotel?

Dog daycare/hotel is not appropriate for every dog at every stage of their life. Bark-A-Bout prides ourselves on fun, safe, active mental stimulation and socialization in addition to physical exercise and movement. However, we do not advise dog daycare or hotel for dogs that have serious health complications, compromised immune systems or are nearing their end of life. Similar to humans who go through big changes like getting married, moving, having a baby, etc, though these big changes are happy and exciting, alterations in sleep pattern and daily routine alone can cause additional stress on the immune system. Even simple changes of environment and daily routine alone can impose too much stress on a tired or weak dog. Please use your best judgment to decide if your dog is physically fit for this type of exertion. If you are having doubts in any way that your aging dog might not be a good fit for our facility, please call up Bark-A-Bout and speak to our Vet Tech for professional advice: (586)566-8900. For those looking to board an aging dog or dog that has a weakened immune system, instead, we suggest finding an entrusted family member or friend to dog-sit at your home who can adhere to your dog’s daily routine and therefore minimize any additional unnecessary stress on their system. For all dogs enjoying our facility, we suggest adding a daily all-natural immune boosting supplement to their balanced diet. Bark-A-Bout’s Pet Boutique offers an array of immune boosting support supplements in treat form, powders and pill capsules. For additional all-natural immune boosting suggestions, please stop into Dr. Sheppard’s Alternative Animal Care Office located in upstairs Bark-A-Bout, or call them at: (586) 884-0882






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