Hotel Accommodations

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Bark-A-Bout’s Hotel gives your pet our full luxury resort experience! It’s all the fun of Dog Daycare with the additional nightly turn-down service and overnight stay in one of our many spacious and comfortable suites. We are always at your pet’s beck-and-call and are happy to lavish them with extensive love and attention throughout their entire stay.

Your loving companion will have an opportunity to explore our large indoor and outdoor play yards, swim in Michigan’s first heated-indoor Pet Training Pool and sleep soundly in one of our spacious comfortable suites.
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Whether your pet is spending the night or spending the week or more, your pet will be pampered in a safe, nurturing, social environment. Our professional, well-trained staff are certified in Pet CPR & First Aid, Enrichment and Off-Leash Play. Bark-A-Bout’s Pet Care Promise Plan also offers extra peace of mind while your pet is in our care.

To enjoy Bark-A-Bout’s Hotel service and be around other dogs in our facility, each dog must go through Bark-A-Bout’s Enrollment Process. In addition, each dog must have written proof that they are up to date on our required Vaccinations.

Enjoy $25 off Premium Hotel Accommodations by adding HOTEL PLUS+ to your stay! Includes one-on-one pamper time, an enrichment activity, decadent treats & more!



Call Bark-A-Bout for pricing..



Arrivals and departures need to take place during our specified Drop-Off and Pick-Up times and dates. Anything outside of these times during business hours will be charged an Early/Late Fee of $20 for the first dog, and $10 each additional dog. Holiday Peak-Season surcharges or deposits may apply.



Please call Bark-A-Bout during business hours to make late pick-up arrangements or to have your pet’s hotel stay extended by a day. After-hours late pick-ups are available up to 30 minutes past closing. Fees vary. For those who have NOT called us to extend their pet’s stay by another day by the close of business, each pet will incur additional fees.


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