What if my dog runs out of food during their stay at Bark-A-Bout?

Please login to your Customer Portal and account for ALL food that is being sent with your pet, and approve any tasty additives that our Vet Tech may add into your pet’s food, shall they become picky. Keeping your pet on their regular diet is important for their digestive system. Any disruption in their diet may contribute to digestive upset.

Dry kibble, wet food, treats, raw diets, or pre-portioned home-made meals are all allowed. Meals will be left out for your pet(s) to graze on until their next scheduled meal. At the time of their next scheduled meal any uneaten food from the prior meal will be thrown out and replaced with a new pre-portioned fresh meal. During your pet’s stay if we calculate that your pet may run low on their food or run out during their hotel stay, we will reach out to the owner or emergency contact. At that time you can decide to have someone deliver more food for your pet, or you can choose to feed your dog Bark-A-Bout’s dry kibble for a small fee. Though we do offer this as an option, we encourage you to try and keep your pet on their regular diet. We always suggest packing a few extra pre-portioned meals for this reason.

No need to bring serving dishes or dog bowls unless your dog requires a special bowl such as: slow feeders, raised feeders, paper plates, etc.