What if my dog gets sick or injured while at Bark-A-Bout?

Just like little kids on the playground, sometimes accidents happen. During an unexpected emergency or sickness, we will always act in the best interest of your dog or cat. Our Vet Tech on staff will be summoned to assess and evaluate your pet. After a brief evaluation, the pet owner and/or emergency contact on file may be contacted for discussion regarding treatment. Depending on the severity of the medical issue, your pet may require a trip to the vet. In this case, for hotel guests, we offer timely transportation of your pet to the nearest available veterinary office for small fee. During your pet’s treatment, we will be seeking consistent communication with you or your emergency contact. Please keep your emergency contact information updated within your Customer Portal.

For pets whose medical issue may not be urgent, the owner will be advised upon pick-up, and a course of treatment may be sent home with your pet. Please feel free to speak to our Vet Tech and Pet Care Handlers anytime regarding the care of your pet. We understand that safety and security is paramount to the health and peace-of-mind of our clients. Our team is comprised of only the most passionate, devoted and dedicated caretakers who are enthusiastic about nurturing animals.