My dog occasionally likes to play rough. Is this kind of play allowed at Bark-A-Bout?

Sometimes dogs act like 4th grade boys. They tousle and bounce around just like kids on the playground. And sometimes they will end up with a scrape or two. The important key is to ensure that if rough play begins to escalate or if any dog shows signs of feeling uncomfortable at any point during playtime, our well-trained handlers recognize this body language and immediately intervene to separates this type of rough play. To the average pet owner, what looks like a worrisome brawl might simply be two dogs having the time of their lives. For dogs that bring excessive energy to the playgroup, accommodations will be made for time-outs. For the safety and well being of all dogs in playgroup, Bark-A-Bout reserves the right to remove any dog from playgroup either temporarily or permanently.

Always feel free to reach out to our fur’endly receptionists or your dog’s handler to ask any questions you may have, and to learn the steps our staff takes to ensure your dog’s ongoing safety.