How do you keep Bark-A-Bout clean?

Each of our Bark-A-Bout staff cares deeply for the pets that come through our doors. We each pledge to do everything within our power to keep your pet happy and healthy during their time with us. Each day we routinely:

-Wipe down all surfaces including kennel suites with veterinary-approved disinfectant (doors, walls, gates, toys, bedding, floor, etc).

-Staff must wash hands with anti-bacterial soap frequently throughout the day.

-All water/food bowls are stainless steel (doesn’t harbor bacteria like other products).

-Food and water bowls are washed daily with veterinary approved products.

-Clean, circulating air flow; Bark-A-Bout has a medical-grade air filtration system.

-We diffuse therapeutic essential oils that combat airborne pathogens.