Can I watch my dogs play?

We pride ourselves on complete transparency. Please feel free to check in on your pet as they enjoy their stay in our care, by:

1.) LIVE WEBCAM: Log into our hi-def webcams anytime throughout your dog’s playtime hours! Visit and click on the “Live Webcam” tab on the top of the page.  If you are logging in during the playtime hours, enter the password “bark”. Please know that your dog’s 2.5 hours of playtime during half days of doggy daycare, and the 4.5 hours of playtime on our playfloors is broken up into groups in order to give your dog many breaks. Your dog will still receive the same amount of playtime, however, he will return to his suite for rest and meals throughout the day.

2.) LIVE UPDATE: Always feel free to call up Bark-A-Bout at (586)566-8900 and ask for a live update about how your dog is doing.  The receptionist taking your call will radio to the girls caring for your dog out on the playfloor, and they will let you know how his stay has been adjusting, eating and playing within our resort.

3.) REQUEST A REPORT CARD: Any time your dog stays at our resort, you can request a report card through our receptionist.  The report card will describe your pet’s demeanor throughout their stay, including how the ate, napped in their suite, played with fur’ends on the playfloor and more.

4.) WATCH FROM THE COMFORT OF OUR CAFE VIEWING LOUNGE: Feel free to come into Bark-A-Bout anytime.  Kick back on the couch in our cafe viewing lounge, and watch your dog play through any of our many aerial viewing windows. Enjoy a complimentary coffee and bottled water and stay as long as you like.

5.) REQUEST VACATION PHOTOS: Pictures are available to be emailed or texted to you upon request for a charge of $5.

6.) CHECK OUT OUR SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES: Also, feel free to check out our Facebook Page and our Instagram Page for pictures of our furry fur’ends playing throughout the day.  You may be able to catch your pup in a few pictures.