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Bark-A-Bout Obedience Training Classes teach hands-on training techniques in a group, classroom-style setting taught by Certified Obedience Trainer, Wendy MacKenzie. Wendy has gathered extensive training knowledge through 17 years of training experience, including owning her own impressive obedience training facility, offering in-home training sessions, and becoming certified as an AKC “Canine Good Citizen” Evaluator.

Bark-A-Bout’s obedience training classes promote a healthy relationship of mutual respect and trust built between owner and pet by utilizing positive, rewards-based training with up-to-date techniques that are efficient and effective. Wendy’s goal is to teach pet owners effective training concepts that can be utilized throughout a dog’s entire life to establish a calm, well-mannered 4-legged family member that can enjoy additional freedoms inside and outside of the home.

Classes are offered for dogs of any age, breed, skill set and level of behavior.

To minimize possible exposure to Covid-19, Bark-A-Bout strictly adheres to all CDC Guidelines regarding social distancing. Please wear a mask upon entry to Bark-A-Bout, and stand 6 feet or more apart from other patrons at all times. Hand sanitizer will be provided.

Now Available

Puppy or Beginner Obedience
5-Week Course, 1-Hour Weekly Sessions

Intermediate Obedience
4-Week Course, 1-Hour Weekly Sessions
$30 OFF Sept. 30th class! Now only $135!

Add-On Tutor Training Sessions
60-Minute Private Training Session


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