Pet CPR and First Aid

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PET CPR & FIRST AID CLASS, Saturday, April 1st 9am-1pm at Bark-A-Bout!

The cost for the class is $125 and includes printed learning materials and a couple complimentary medical supplies.
First Aid Kits adapted for pets are available for purchase for $29.99.

Bark-A-Bout of Shelby Township is hosting a Pet CPR and First Aid training course designed to PAWpare pet owners for the unexpected medical emergency. The class is taught in a classroom setting by Bark-A-Bout’s Licensed Veterinary Technician Dennie Asbury, who is a certified Red Cross instructor. During the 4-hour course, pet owners will learn hands-on techniques and proper training in what to do for animals during a medical emergency situation, including hands-on CPR and Bandaging Techniques, what supplies to keep on hand at all times, and where to take your pet following a medical emergency.

In order to catch illness and injury early and help prevent injuries from becoming life threatening, students will learn common warning signs and animal behaviors they can easily recognize, such as heat stroke or hypothermia. “Sometimes immediate care can make all the difference in a pet’s recovery time, and that alone can save money on vet bills” says Instructor, Dennie Asbury. “Pet parents may find it difficult to make rational decisions during a medical emergency, especially if it occurs during the middle of the night or outside of veterinary office hours. So it is crucial to have an emergency plan in place before you need it.”

Students will perform CPR on mock dogs, learn bandaging techniques to control bleeding, muzzling techniques for restraining stressed pets, choking and more.

Bark-A-Bout owner, Michelle Nikiforuk requires all her staff to be certified in pet CPR and First Aid. Nikiforuk encourages responsible pet ownership by opening the class up to the public, “training can give a pet owner valuable knowledge and the confidence to respond during an emergency situation with skills that can help save a pet’s life, and every animal’s life is important.”

To register, please call Bark-A-Bout at (586)566-8900. Seating is limited.