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Pet Care Promise Plan

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Pet Care Promise Plan
Brings Greater Peace Of Mind

Your Pet Is Covered While In Our Care and Five Days Following Pick-Up.

Under Bark-A-Bout’s Pet Care Promise Plan, your pet will always receive timely, professional veterinary care for any unexpected injury or illness. This plan brings peace of mind by covering up to $500 of your pet’s unexpected veterinary services per calendar year with a $0 deductible.
(Pet Owners are responsible for paying all veterinary charges that exceed the maximum yearly coverage amount of $500.)

All Veterinarians Are Covered!
While your pet is in our care, we work hard to select the best-suited veterinarian to meet your pet’s needs.
While in your care, your pet’s preferred veterinarian is covered.


Unleash’d Members:
Always Covered Under Our Woof!


For full plan coverage details, please call Bark-A-Bout to speak to a fur’endly receptionist.
Click here to submit a claim.

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For Questions, please call Bark-A-Bout (586)566-8900