Doodle Romp Original

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Sunday, August 5th, 4-6pm!
Benefiting the Michigan Doodle Rescue Connect

Is your doodle begging for adventure? Socialize with other doodle-loving parents while your cool dood’ makes lots of furry fur’ends!  Your doodle will have great fun running around in Bark-A-Bout’s 22,000 indoor-outdoor bark park, making a splash in our wade pool and enjoying our interactive water toys. Capture all the fun like paw’parazzi, and share the luv on social media!

Limited capacity so register today!




Due to limited capacity, registration and full payment is required.
Sorry, no refunds. But hey, your payment is going to a great cause, helping deserving doodles find great homes and second chances.
Please note that this is a breed-specific “Doodle Party” only. All doodles must be human and dog friendly. All humans must be 18 years or older to attend.
Owners are responsible for any and all damages to personal property and Bark-A-Bout’s property.

$10: Doodle + 1 Complimentary Human Admission*
$5: Additional Human

*Limit two doodles to one human. Meaning, if you plan to bring more than two doodles than you need to ask a friend to come join you to help watch your dogs.


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Create your own Customer Portal account here to:
• Purchase tickets
• Upload your doodle’s updated vaccination paperwork


Upload proof of vaccinations here
All doodles must show proof of the following updated/current vaccinations:
Rabies    |    Distemper    |    Fecal Exam    |    Bordetella*

Click here learn how to learn more about our required vaccines and how to upload your pet’s vaccination paperwork to your account.


Once you have sent us your doodle’s proof of vaccinations…
Paw’chase your ticket(s) by following the steps below:

1.) Login to your Customer Portal account.

2.) Click on My Reservations>Request Services along the top toolbar.

Location: Bark-A-Bout – Shelby Township
Type: Doodle Romp, August 5th from 4-6pm
Service: Registration Tickets
Date: August 5, 2018

Click on the Green Box to the right to continue.

Pets: Click on empty white box. Select all your doodles attending this event.

Service Options: Click in the empty white box to add “additional human guests” to your cart*. (optional).

* Important Note: “Additional Human Guest” tickets can only be purchased ONLINE as an add-on ticket attached to a registering dog ticket. So, once you complete your registration for your dog and cash out with debit/credit, if you should later decide to invite more human guests (18+) to join you and your dog, you CANNOT purchase their guest tickets by themselves ONLINE through your online Customer Portal. Instead, your human guest(s) must pay for their ticket(s) in person through our front desk when they arrive for the event. They can pay with either cash or debit/credit card. And don’t worry, there is no capacity limit to the number of human guests allowed at this event.

Please answer the 3 Questions.

Estimate: Click here. Click “Generate Estimate”. Does the total look correct to you? If not, add whatever pet(s) or additional humans you may have missed. Then click the refresh button.  If your TOTAL looks correct, click the BLUE BOX along the bottom, “Create Appointment”.

Click the blue button “Collect Deposit Now”

Enter Credit/Debit Card information and click “Submit Deposit”.

Please PRINT your receipt and bring it with you to the event.




Please enter Bark-A-Bout with your dog pottied and on a regular leash (not a retractable leash).
Please check in with Bark-A-Bout’s Front Desk Receptionist and bring your printed registration receipt and a copy of your dog’s vaccination records if you have them handy.



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 For event questions, please email or call Bark-A-Bout’s Events Coordinator at (586)566-8900 ext 101.


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